Friday, December 16, 2005


I am making a New Year's resolution to post on my blog at least once per week. I will be updating the projects that I complete as well as other fun stuff. Here are three hats that I just recently made.

The first one is modeled by my daughter, Julia. It is made of handspun Shetland wool in moorit, handspun grey Romney, and tufts of hand dyed BFL/BL cross. It was fun to knit and I love spinning naturally colored wool.

This hat is knit using the handspun grey Romney and a commercially made varigated yarn (Noro Kureyon). I like the look of this one. It has a great shape and wears well.

This last hat is knit with a handspun mix of wool and silk in both blue and pink. The fuzzy yarn is a commercially produced nylon fiber. Buddha makes a great model!

I have been so obsessed with spinning that I have only recently begun knitting the yarn into a finished product. It is great fun designing my own hats.

Soon I will finally have my website finished and I will offer handspun yarn and hats for sale, as well as my jewelry.

Stay tuned.............

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Favorite Things
Random order (except #1)
1. My daughter and son
2. Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
3. The scent of the ocean
4. Vivaldi
5. Hiking
6. Spinning fiber into yarn
7. Knitting
8. Silly Movies
9. Reading
10. Dancing
11. Syrah
12. My Girlfriends
13. Assam Tea
14. Swimming
15. Homemade corn tortillas
16. Laughter
17. The sound of the wind in the pines
18. Making Jewelry
19. Snogging
20. Playing the Drums
21. Exploring
22. Britcoms
23. Buena Vista Social Club
24. The one who knows the significance of the Buena Vista Social Club
25. Thick, dark, beer
26. Organic fruits and veggies
27. Creating Collages
28. Autumn
29. Road Trips
30.The smell of eucalyptus trees after a rain
31. Mozart Kugeln
32. Yoga
33. My Tree
34. Rainy days
35. The color pink
36. High heels
37. My Cat
38. Unexpected encounters
39. Walking in my neighborhood
40. Buttons
41. Patchouli Oil
42. Loons
43. Hugs
44. Long weekends