Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy First Anniversary to my LYS, A Tangled Skein in Hyattsville, Maryland!

On Friday evening, we had wonderful food and music to celebrate the first anniversary of the store. A Tangled Skein also had one of their great sales and extra long "Sit and Knit" events (9-midnight) to mark the occasion.

Here are some of the knitters (from Wednesday night, the actual anniversary, when we had a mini-party), concentrating very hard on their intricate knitting! That is Pat in the middle, a Knitting Wise Woman with an answer to any knitting problem. Sonia is in the corner, finding a cozy space in the crowded store.

Chelette is putting all of her focus on her lovely sock.

For the big event on Friday, Bob, Jennifer's husband, provided yet another night of pleasant folk music to enliven our evening.

Susan's husband, Chris, joined her for part of the evening, proving that you don't have to knit to have fun in a knitting shop.

Rivka and Pat were busy at the register with all of the sale purchases. Even those of us who vowed to stay within our budget did manage to get some new skeins of Noro sock yarn.

OMG! - you like to make socks too! It's that second sock that's the killer though...........

Happy First Anniversary to "A Tangled Skein". Here is hoping there are many more anniversaries to come!