Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tea Party at A Tangled Skein

We had a great time on Sunday at the LYS in Hyattsville called A Tangled Skein. They organized a tea party with scones, watercress sandwiches, Assam and other teas, and, of course, yarn samples to knit. We knit yarns made from linen, bamboo, silk, cotton, and even sugar cane and milk. Perfect choices for a tea party!

It was organized by Cheryl, the store owner, and Jennifer.

There was much concentration as we knit our swatches.

Even my friend, Patty, came to try out the new summer yarns.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Central Park Hoodie
So many of my friends at A Tangled Skein (in Hyattsville, MD) were knitting the Central Park Hoodie (Shelly, CiCi, Chellette, Jennifer), that I had to try it too! I knit it in three weeks last November-December. I love the pattern and only changed it slightly by shaping it a bit at the waist. I left the sleeves long, because I like the flare. For the yarn, I used Tahki Donagal Tweed in dark purple. I have worn this sweater frequently and love the feel, the fit and the cables. It was a joy to knit and I found the perfect buttons to match.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hydrangea Bag
I am far behind in my posting about my knitting projects. Today, I start to catch up.
This is my Hydrangea Noni bag that I made last May. It is knit will Ella Rae yarn. Beads were added to the center of the flowers. I am very pleased with the result. I am not much for sewing linings, but I did put in plastic canvas and a lining for this bag.