Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Central Park Hoodie
So many of my friends at A Tangled Skein (in Hyattsville, MD) were knitting the Central Park Hoodie (Shelly, CiCi, Chellette, Jennifer), that I had to try it too! I knit it in three weeks last November-December. I love the pattern and only changed it slightly by shaping it a bit at the waist. I left the sleeves long, because I like the flare. For the yarn, I used Tahki Donagal Tweed in dark purple. I have worn this sweater frequently and love the feel, the fit and the cables. It was a joy to knit and I found the perfect buttons to match.

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♥ milliande said...

Ohh love love that hoodie ..was looking for a pattern like that..any idea where one could find it ??

Not sure whether my knitting skills are up to it though ....just love the look though :-)
♥ milliande