Friday, August 10, 2007

Finished Happy!

What a wonderful name for a sweater pattern - 'Happy' by Elsebeth Lavold. It really was a joy to knit. I used the recommended yarn, Hempathy, which is easy to knit with and feels very comfortable next to the skin. I absolutely love the way the sweater turned out! I knit it mostly while visiting in San Diego as the colors remind me of the beach. A friend in my knit group at A Tangled Skein in Hyattsville Maryland is knitting this pattern in another colorway. There are endless possibilities for this simple, but engaging pattern.

I am currently working on the Kauni. I have taken a slight detour on this project and will detail this in my next post. I am behind in my Socks that Rock club and need to quickly knit the current pair before the next skein comes in the mail.

My life is blossoming into a new direction and I am both excited and terrified of this adventure that I have begun. I am currently developing a new career as a Life Coach. As I develop my website and settle more into this new role, I will discuss it in future posts and create a link to my site. Until then, remember to ask for what you want to create in your life, but also be prepared to receive it. If you ask you will always receive an answer, but it may not be the answer that you expect!