Friday, September 21, 2007

A night with the Harlot!

Last night was great! I went to Borders in Bailey Crossroads, VA to see the Yarn Harlot, aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I went with friends from my Wednesday knit night at A Tangled Skein, CiCi, Chelette, and Joyce. (Thanks to CiCi and Chelette for letting me 'borrow' their photo.)

Photo: Left to Right: CiCi, Chelette, Stephanie, Joyce, Anne

We were early in the line to get a number for book signing (I was number 12). It was fun sitting in the Science Fiction aisle, scaring the Muggles (non-knitters) while we knit. I sat next to the cutest baby named Oz. Then we went and sat in chairs waiting for the Harlot. It was well worth the wait! She is so funny and has a way of making her point stronger through her use of humor. Her descriptions of the perceptions of non-knitters towards knitters is right on target and her stash jokes are the best.

When we went up to get our books signed, I asked her how to pronounce the yarn, Kauni (connie) pointing to my bag. Well, she asked me if I had planned to knit a bag or if it was the result of a gauge mistake. When I looked at her sheepishly (pun intended) she said "Busted". She was right of course. I decided to make a bag, and felt it, after I had realized that my sweater was going to be 50" around. I love how it turned out though, so a mistake can be redesigned into something beautiful!

I had such a great time being with knitters. I saw so many wonderful garments and creative people. It is nice to be with 'your own kind' once in awhile. :)