Monday, February 26, 2007

More goodies!

I received my second skein of handspun yarn in the Interweave Spin to Knit swap. Cayli sent me a gorgeous skein of merino, some tea and some chocolate (the chocolate is not pictured for obvious reasons :) Her choice of colors and her spinning technique are perfect. It is much appreciated. Now I have to do this skein and the previous skein justice by knitting them into some projects. I think I have just the right shade of blue to go with the latest skein to make a hat.

I have also been spinning up my fiber from the Flawful Batt exchange. I love how it has turned out! It is a blend of romney wool, sari silk fibers and naturally colored cotton slipped in a slubs while spinning.

I have enjoyed playing around with different ways to photograph my handspun yarn. Below are a skein of the Flawful Batt fiber, a skein of orange merino, and a skein of Blue-faced Leicester dyed with Kool-aid. I think I will call them "yarn parfaits"!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fiber Bliss

I am in fiber heaven. Currently, I am involved in several fiber exchanges and having such fun. I received my first skein of yarn a couple of weeks ago, for the Spin to Knit exchange organized by Interweave. I love the color - green with bits of red, yellow and orange blended in. It was very nicely spun and is a soft merino. My swapee also sent some chocolate - yum! - and a cute notepad. Thanks very much to my fiber swap pal from Valley Center, CA (near where I lived years ago).

I also received the Moosie spindle that I had won on Spindlicity. Janel was also kind enough to send four ounces of the softest BFL (Blue-faced Leicester) I have ever felt! The Moosie is, of course, a dream to spin with. Each one is so unique and I know they must have mystical properties. It carries the energy of the moose, the Bosworths and the spinner. I feel so content when I spin with it.

Today, I received my batt from the Flawful Batt Exchange organized by Julie from Flawful Fibers and Yarns. I received a wonderful batt from Kathy of natural, brown Romney with Sari silk strands blended in. She also included some natural green cotton. I am already spinning it up by letting bits of the cotton slip into the wool as slubs while I spin. It is becoming a wonderful, lumpy, colorful yarn. I have never used cotton and wool together in this way and I am enjoying trying a new technique. Julie also was nice enough to include a bar of chocolate and an essential oil blend. Thank you Julie and Kathy!