Friday, January 27, 2006

Spindle Collection

I finally was able to catalog my spindle collection with photos. Just in time to add my new Bossies!

This first photo is my new favorite, my Moosie from Bosworth. It is absolutely gorgeous and spins so smoothly and effortlessly. If it is possible, this spins even better than my other Bosworth spindles! It is a cream color with grey mottling and a warm, reddish, bloodwood shaft. This Lincoln longwool spins into a thread-sized diameter so easily.

These are the other Bossies from Bosworth that I just received. I am in heaven! These are the absolute Mercedes of spindles. I cannot recommend them enough. I splurged with my Christmas money and bought all of these at once. Counterclockwise from top: Black Palm Midi with an Ebony shaft; Pink Ivory Mini with an Ebony shaft; Bloodwood Midi; Birdseye Maple Maxi; and a Paduak Mini. Sheila Bosworth includes a bit of wool already started on the spindle, since she tests each spindle they sell. So, right out of the box I am off and spinning!

To the left are two bossies I have had for awhile, a Chakta Vega Midi and a Bocote Mini.

This is the rest of my collection:

Left and Below, my Hatchtown Farm Spindles

Below are three Charis Spindles in Leopardwood and Panga Panga. I am unsure of the third wood type.

To the right is a Mongold Spindle - it is great for

This is a Spindrifter

Left and below are my two Grafton 'Mouton du Mois' Spindles. One is the Merino and one the Angora Goat. Oh, how I wish they still made these spindles!

From left to right: An Emily spindle by Adam Mielke; A Greensleeves Tom Foolery spindle; and a Mount Rainier by Cascade (gorgeous!)

The photo on the right shows the Sleeping Beauty spindles from Simple Market Farms along with their lovely Lincoln Longwool. They will engrave your name, or a message on the shaft of the spindle.

The spindle in the lefthand photo is very large and heavy - good for plying. I don't know the make on this.

These are two Ann Grout ceramic spindles with Celtic designs.

The three spindles in the righthand photo from left to right are: an Alaskan chocolate chip spindle, a Schacht spindle and a Snipes spindle.

This is another Hatchtown spindle and I really enjoy using it. It has a lovely combination of woods and it great for plying.

I am also unsure the make of this spindle, but I love the woods.

The photo to the right is a Golding using Purple Heart wood. Goldings spin very nicely and have a good weight to them.

This spindle is very special to me. It is a prayer wheel spindle with the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" a prayer of compassion written on it. Jen from Crowhill House Fiber Works painted this during a full moon thus increasing the prayers 1000 fold. I am currently spinning a soft green merino that I am knitting into a shawl. As I spin and knit I say the mantra and wish loving kindness and compassion to all beings.

Finally, I have two photos of my spindles hung from my fireplace mantle. These are all of my spindles except my Bossies, for which I will build a special display.