Monday, October 09, 2006

Montpelier Fiber Festival

I went to the fiber festival in Montpelier, Virginia on Sunday. It was a muddy day as a rainstorm had gone through on Friday and Saturday. Cars were getting stuck in the mud and parking was a problem. Notice how muddy the sheep were! Nevertheless, it was great to see the sheepherding demonstration. Anyone know what type of sheep these are? They look like Coopworth, but I am not positive.

I also bought a bit of fiber. I bought 2 pounds of naturally brown Corriedale roving to make into a sweater.

From "The Barefoot Spinner" I bought some lovely hand dyed Border Leicester and Romney blend in red/pink and in blue/green. The red/pink will be spun finely and knit into a shawl and the blue/green will become a more thickly spun hat.

I love the colors. I am glad that I bought enough for specific projects. Usually, I just buy what I like, rather than planning the use of the final yarn. I can't wait to get spinning!

I have a number of finished projects that I will begin to post in the next few weeks. I knit quite a bit over the summer, but didn't have time to post to my blog. I hope to be more regular in maintaining my blog.