Thursday, June 07, 2007

All Knitting and No Posting!

I have been doing a lot of knitting since my last post. (OK, I know it has been a long time.) I will be posting every week from now on and post pictures of the things I have been knitting. Really! I mean it this time! ;)

I have had an obsession with sock knitting this year. So far, I have completed six and a half pairs of socks. I have also done 1 and 1/2 scarves and 2 shawls. I will be posting pictures of these finished objects (FOs) over the next few weeks.

I will start with the pair of socks I knit my daughter for Valentine's Day. She is currently living in Germany and going to a German school. Therefore, it is not surprising that the yarn she picked out at Christmas time is red, black and yellow!

She created these photos herself. Very artsy!
I cannot wait to see the photos that she has taken of her adventure this year in Germany and travels to France, England and Scotland.
She is coming home for a week on Saturday. I am looking forward to a week of her company. Then she is back to Germany until August. Her brother opted to stay with me this year, but will travel to Germany with her and stay a month.
As the 'Yarn Harlot' said so eloquently, "motherhood is the only occupation I can think of where your eventual goal is to put yourself out of business". I know it is all about creating independent beings, with their own opinions, their own goals and their own way of creating their lives, but it is hard. I have missed her so much. I am glad that she likes the socks.